What’s in a Name

A thousand years ago, the Nordic Vikings used their famous longboats to explore and push the boundaries of the world known to man at that time. Our Nordic company, Longboat Amniotics AB, aims at pushing the boundaries of knowledge, especially so in the field of stem cell research and in therapies based on new discoveries in this field.

Viking Ship

What Stem Cells are

Stem cells are non-specialised cells that have the ability to produce new cells of different types, i.e. cells of various types of tissue, blood cells or neurons, as well as new stem cells. Therapeutically they are used in an area called regenerative medicine, an exciting medical area poised for rapid growth and development. The medical possibilities offered by stem cells span widely across different therapeutic areas including cancer treatment, neurological disorders, immunology, wound healing and beyond.

Our Origins

Longboat Amniotics was born out of the discovery of novel stem cells in full term amniotic fluid at the renowned Lund University. Research on these cells has demonstrated a number of unique properties in them, highlighting their extraordinary suitability for medical applications. These properties, in combination with safe collection, ethical agreeability and high cell counts harbour the promise of the exciting journey we have started pushing medical boundaries.

Our Vision

Our ultimate vision is to contribute to the successful treatment of serious human diseases by providing the very best cells for various regenerative medical applications. The fact that our cells are of neonatal source (and safely retrieved from the amniotic fluid from C-sections) means that they have greater genome integrity. And also other positive attributes of the neonatal source of our cells we suggest will make them superior to traditional sources of stem cells that are currently in therapeutic use.