Cord Blood Stem Cells

To date over a million umbilical cord blood samples have been stored in private and public biobanks worldwide as cord blood is a rich source of blood stem cells that could potentially be used for stem cell therapeutics as surrounding technologies advance.

However, cord blood samples also contain other cell types including endothelial cells and mesenchymal cells that are currently being investigated for potential uses in preclinical and clinical studies.

A separation of the blood cells from other cell types is often associated with a significant loss of blood stem cell numbers, or a loss of blood stem cell function, Longboat Amniotics has developed a novel technology that separates the blood cells from other cell types present in umbilical cord blood samples, all while ensuring the maintenance of the blood stem cell yield and function.

This technology enables additional uses of both frozen banked and newly collected cord blood samples as cells of distinct utility can be separated from each other without loss of function. This technology is another example of the innovative work we are doing at Longboats Amniotics towards bringing stem cells to their intended use in regenerative medicine applications.